November 30, 2023

Key Demographic in South Carolina Pushing Back Against Biden

If Joe Biden has any hopes of winning South Carolina in a general election, he has to dominate the black vote.

Based on recent polling, that is not going to happen.

Black voters in the state, by and large, feel that the Democrat Party has “failed them," particularly Joe Biden.

Devasting for Biden

To fully comprehend how devasting this is for Biden, we can go back to the 2020 primary race.

Biden was dead in the water with South Carolina up next on the primary schedule when he was saved by Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), who offered a late endorsement for Biden.

When Biden won South Carolina, it completely changed the complexion of the election, eventually landing Joe Biden the nomination.

Today, with all those promises, the black community feels as though they were let down and deceived, which does not bode well not only for Biden but also for down-ballot Democrats.

Marcurius Byrd, a Democratic strategist who founded the Young Democrats of the Central Midlands and worked on Marianne Williamson's campaign, stated, "We’re treating them like their only issue is racial issues, and not all of us, but to some extent some of us have moved past that.”

We are starting to see black voters ask more questions and push back against the idea that they need to walk into the voting booth and pull the handle for every Democrat on the ballot, and we have Bidenomics to thank for that.

People of all races realize that before the pandemic, financially, they were all doing better when Trump was in office.

To give you an even better idea of how this is impacting Biden and Democrats, Biden enjoyed about 90% support within the black community and 73% overall with minorities in 2020.

Today, that number is down to about 50% among minorities, and under 70% with black voters.

Byrd continued, "As Black people are becoming more and more educated, the monolith that we once were is dispersing, so we’re needing more and more different things.”

McKenzie Watson, a political strategist who does advocacy for people with disabilities, added, "We have people here who are suffering, who are struggling to keep a roof over their head.

"We have people that are struggling to have food on the table for their kids, to buy a house. It’s a lot of struggling that is going on here in the nation … I support Ukraine and my heart goes out to the people of Ukraine. But it’s kind of like you need to fix your home. Your people here are suffering here as well."

As I stated in previous reports, Trump's campaign strategy in the primary will cost him dearly among DeSantis supporters, and we already know about the never-Trump contingent.

Trump has to find votes, and taking advantage of this rift between Biden and black voters is exactly where Trump can make up those votes.

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