G. McConway
January 21, 2023

Kerry Wants Businesses Ordered to Produce Solar Panels

Former Secretary of State and current U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry appears to have forgotten what country he lives in.

Kerry has been at the forefront of the Biden climate efforts, often traveling via private jet to a conference where he talks about the dangerous impact of carbon emissions.

Well, this week Kerry added something else to his toolbox.

Treat It Like War

Kerry believes the climate situation is so dire that the president should treat this as though we are at war.

He believes the situation right now is beyond dire and if drastic measures are not taken to preserve the atmosphere, we will all be dead soon enough.

He and Al Gore painted a dire picture of how little time have before the earth basically explodes and cooks us all.

Kerry was asked about the goal of limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5 Celsius by 2032.

He stated, "We can't hit 1.5. We're not on track to do it now, and it's not clear, absolutely clear that we will get on track.

"We have to right now be deploying the largest solar field in the world, every day, for the next years in order hit the 1.5. We have to be deploying renewables six times faster than we are today."

"We can do this, but there is not yet the kind of commitment, broadly, that is necessary to make it happen."

His solution is for the government to takeover factories to produce solar panels, saying that we need to treat this situation "as if we were at war and ready to turn factories into solar panel producers. I think some of that is what we need."

What is driving this movement? Well, Kerry revealed that too, stating, "money, money, money, money, money, money, money."

Ask yourself one question… how much money does the renewable energy industry spend on government lobbyists and wooing politicians with massive campaign donations and perks to support their case.

The sad reality is that with the taxpayer money that Biden just handed over to the industry, all those campaign donations that Democrats are now receiving from these companies is with our money.

Democrats have figured out the perfect money funnel.

Source: Fox News

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