April 15, 2024

Kennedy Says White House Being Influenced by ‘Hamas-wing’ of Democrat Party

So, if you are a regular reader of BND, you know where I stand on the issue of Democrats supporting Palestine over Israel.

In my opinion, if you are supporting Palestine, you are, in essence, supporting Hamas and terrorism simply because Palestine turned Gaza over to Hamas and has done nothing to help Israel fight Hamas during this war.

It would appear as though Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) feels the same way.

Terror Wing

Israel dominated the news cycle over the weekend after Iran sent about 300 missiles and drones to attack Israel.

After the fact, it was leaked that Biden conducted a call with PM Netanyahu trying to discourage him from a counterattack.

Biden reportedly told him that the United States would not support Israel for an offensive attack, as well as telling Netanyahu that he should just “take the win” for having intercepted 99% of the missiles and drones that were fired at Israel.

Biden and Democrats have been getting scorched in the media ever since, with Kennedy now joining that party.

On the influences now driving Biden’s decisions, Kennedy stated, “I don’t want America to be the world’s policeman, but I don’t want those guys to be the world’s policeman either. And with those guys, if you turn the other cheek, you just get it in the neck.

“More sheep is not going to solve the wolf problem. I expect, I don’t know, but I expect the speaker of the House probably next week to put an Israel bill, Israel support bill on the floor of the House.

“I think it will be followed by a bill to support Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific and number three, i think he will put a bill to support Ukraine.

“The big issue on those bills will bot be Ukraine, the big issue will be Israel because It is clear that President Biden is being influenced by the Hamas wing of the Democratic Party.”

I happen to agree with Kennedy, even having stated in a recent report that I thought Biden had backed himself into a no-win situation on this front.

The loudest voices in the party are telling Biden to walk away and pressure Israel for a cease-fire, but they are far from the majority of voices. And if Biden continues to appease this small wing, which is big enough to prevent him from winning the 2024 election, he now risks upsetting the majority of the party, which would all but ensure a Biden defeat in the presidential election.

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