Ryan E.
July 9, 2023

Kennedy Says If His Record Was As Bad As Biden's, 'I'd Probably Give My Staff Blow, Too'

Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, has finally had enough.

It's time for Joe Biden to be held accountable.

On a recent Fox News interview, Jason Chaffetz asked Kennedy, "Are you going to be able – as a senator – to be able to understand what’s going on with this investigation? My guess – just a guess – the United States Secret Service already knows how this happened. They just haven’t told us yet."

Kennedy replied, "Well, I haven’t seen the news today. Did they find more blow in the White House or are we still talking about the first stuff? Look, I’ve been in the Situation Room. There are cameras everywhere. I’m pretty sure the Secret Service knows." He added:

I probably shouldn’t say this, but if my record was as bad as this White House’s record, I’d probably give my staff blow too. I’m only kidding. They’ll get to the bottom of it. Frankly, I’m not saying it’s not significant. It’s not earthshaking, you know?

Chaffetz responded by saying, "They can make it a much bigger story, but they can also dismiss it. But what I’m concerned about is they continue to morph their story. It changes. It was found here. Then, ‘It was found here. Then it was found over there. And it just seems as if it’s being spun as a different story than it actually is instead of just dealing with it directly."

Kennedy's right.

The story behind this cocaine has changed so many times.

By this point, even if the cocaine didn't involve Hunter or Joe Biden at all, there has been so much misinformation coming out of the White House that we can't trust anything we're hearing on this situation anymore.

What do you think about this story?

Should Joe Biden be held responsible once in a while?

Or does the old man deserve a break?

Let us know in the comments below.

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