G. McConway
July 26, 2023

Kellyanne Conway Says Trump May Participate in Debates

Last week, one of the big Trump stories was the sit-down that Megyn Kelly had with Trump.

The former Fox News host and Trump had an infamous feud dating back to the 2016 presidential debates, but now they are back to being buds.

Kelly stated that it was highly unlikely that Trump would show up for the first debate, which is being hosted by Fox News.

Not So Fast

Former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway is now putting out quite a different narrative, possibly on purpose to keep the other candidates on their toes, reported The Hill.

With only a month to spare before the debate, most of us were assuming that Trump would skip it based on his previous comments as well as the comments made by Kelly.

Remember, Trump had stated that there was no reason for him to debate with the lead he had, especially if it was going to be a Fox News debate (Trump is now apparently at war with Fox News).

The former president had stated, "When you have a big lead, you don't do it. Why would you let somebody that's at 0 or at 1 or 2 or 3 be popping you with questions?"

Conway believes that Trump will jerk everyone around, but that he will ultimately show up for the debate, just wanting to "keep everybody in suspense."

She stated, "If I were you, I would keep that center podium warm because maybe he'll make the announcement the day of. You just never know," reported the Washington Times.

Conway continued, "On the one hand, he's acting like a frontrunner. He's way ahead. What does he have to gain by going?

"On the other hand, that's a natural habitat for him. It helped him in that first Fox News debate on Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland. He got center stage, he never lost it, became the nominee and indeed the president."

I see three possible outcomes here…

First, Trump declines and gets pounded as a coward during the debate for not showing up, as multiple candidates say it would be nice to know where the frontrunner stood.

Second, Trump goes and gets attacked by everyone, including Chris Christie who has vowed to personally knock Trump out of this race. A bad performance by Trump, and he lets DeSantis right back into the race.

Third, Trump shows up and decimates the field during the debate, effectively ending the primary when the buzzer goes off.

If Trump does not go, I would suspect that his team will be live posting Trump's answers to questions to avoid accusations that he is afraid to stand up in public with his platform, but I am not sure how much damage control that would do.

But let's be real honest here… Trump has an ego the size of Cowboys Stadium and the likelihood of him allowing someone else to steal the day is minimal, so I still tend to lean toward Trump showing up.

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