G. McConway
March 14, 2023

Karine Jean-Pierre Uses Word Salad to Describe Biden’s Border Policy

Once again, quite possibly the worst press secretary to ever take the dais struggled to explain a Biden policy.

When asked to explain the border policy, Karine Jean-Pierre resorted to the two tried and true techniques of this administration.

First, blame the bad orange man. Second, ram as many keyword phrases as possible into the sentence, repeat them as many times as necessary, and ram them down people’s throats.


Have you ever heard someone talk for almost 40 seconds and not actually say anything?

Even Kamala Harris would be hard-pressed to match this effort by Karine Jean-Pierre.

In trying to explain the non-existent border policy of this administration, she went completely off the rails.

KJP stated, “What we are going to promise is that we are going to do this, we are going to move forward with a, uh, with this kind of system, this immigration system, that has been gutted, really, truly gutted by the last administration.

“We’re gonna move forward and do it in a humane way. We’re gonna do it in a safe way. And we’re going to do it in the way that moves us forward. And, so, what we have been seeing, what we have been dealing with, again, is trying to fix the damage that the last administration do–did.

“What we have done is we have, is we have opened the path, uh, to, ah, we have opened the path to to make sure that people have a way to uhm, to get, to get, to come through and do it in a legal pathway.”

Now, that is a person that gets paid to explain policy for a living, and that was her answer.

The funny thing is, the one statement she actually made was a lie.

They have released more than two million people into the country’s interior that have come here illegally. They have addressed one small faction of the problem at the border by limiting requests to 30,000 per month from a collective of four different groups.

Great, but what does that do for the other 200,000 or so that are coming over from other countries every month?

They have no plan; they have never been able to explain a plan because there is not one in place.

Their goal is to let her rip and hold on for dear life… that is their plan.

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