July 10, 2024

Kansas Supreme Court Deals Crushing Blow to Pro-lifers

One of the most divisive issues in terms of the “agendas” of the left and right is abortion.

Democrats have used this issue to crush Republicans ever since the 2016 election.

To that point, while red states have been upholding heartbeat protection laws, the Kansas Supreme Court just dropped a bomb on conservatives that is going to sting.

Abortion Protections Protected

To be honest, these court decisions we are seeing across the country only seem to justify Donald Trump’s stance on abortion that laws on this particular matter should remain in control of states.

We have regularly seen very strict abortion laws protected by courts in our red states, while blue states have been tossing them in the fire and burning them.

On July 5, the Kansas Supreme Court made it clear that this is an issue that is likely never to be settled in Congress.

After stricter abortion laws were put in place in Kansas, the court struck them down, which will be the delight of Democrats.

In 2011, a law was passed making it more difficult for abortion facilities to obtain licensing.

Then, in 2015, a law put a ban in place on dilation and evacuation abortions.

The state Supreme Court ruled that these laws infringed upon the autonomy rights of women, so both laws have been tossed into the shredder.

This, of course, is the continued fallout from the Dobbs decision before the Supreme Court which overturned Roe v. Wade.

Democrats would love our Constitution to be amended to include abortion, and some states have considered amending their state constitutions on this matter, but that idea has been rejected, including in Kansas.

Kansas Supreme Court Justice Dan Biles discussed this after Kansas voters also rejected the idea.

He stated, “We had a vote in August, and pretty overwhelming, to reject the prospect of amending the constitution. I think that is the elephant in the room.”

I actually think the current Kansas abortion law is a roadmap for something that could be passed nationally to put this issue to bed once and for all.

Kansas law now permits abortions through the 22nd week of pregnancy, with exceptions for medical emergencies. If that were expanded to include cases of incest and rape. If we can do that, I think this issue can get settled.

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