July 9, 2024

'Kamala lied' trending following resurfaced Biden mental sharpness video clips

As the nation reels from the widespread realization that President Joe Biden could be incredibly mentally inept, the ire of many has turned to those closest to him, asking why the alarm bells didn't sound.

According to Fox News, a video compilation of Vice President Harris supporting President Biden's mental sharpness throughout multiple appearances and events went viral on consumers' innovative social media platforms.

The video evidence of her appearances and events went viral on conservative social media platforms, and, understandably, a few of the users were a bit miffed with her.

Similar accusations have been made about First Lady Jill Biden, who is accused of propping up an ailing husband.

Some Comments

"WATCH: Over 6 minutes of Kamala Harris covering up Joe Biden's cognitive decline," conservative communicator Steve Guest posted on X along with a video that has received almost a million views.

"For years, she said Biden is ‘very bold and vibrant’ and is ‘tireless in terms of working,'" Guest continued. "Kamala claimed Biden ‘is gonna be fine,’ and said he ‘is in good shape, in good health. Kamala LIED."

Not surprisingly, those who are staunch supporters of former President (and current Republican presidential candidate) Donald Trump were quick to draw attention to the problem:

"No one has lied more to the American people about Joe Biden's cognitive decline than Kamala Harris!" Donald Trump Jr. wrote on X in response to the video.

More Commentators' Take

"One of MANY reasons a Kamala switch wouldn’t be as simple as some Democrats think - she’s one of the main characters behind this cover-up," Republican communicator Matt Whitlock posted on X.

"Joe lied. Kamala lied. Jill lied. KJP lied. Democrats lied. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC lied. WaPo, NYT, LA Times, lied. Online pundits lied," popular conservative account Fusilli Spock posted on X. "And, they'll continue to lie, shamelessly, in the pursuit of power."

"Our president is in good shape, in good health, and is ready to lead in our second term," Harris says in one of the clips from an interview in February 2024. In another clip from March 2024, she says, "I'm ready, if necessary, but it's not gonna be necessary."

Biden's Future

Experts and Democrats in Congress are calling for Biden to drop out of the presidential race after his poorly received performance in the debate in late June, which did not answer questions about his age and mental health.

Many of the same believe that formerly failed presidential candidate Harris would be the best person to replace Biden if he decides to step down.

Biden, however, has insisted he will not drop out, saying in a letter to Democrats on Monday that he is "firmly committed to staying in this race" and argued that any further questioning of his candidacy "only helps Trump and hurts us."

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