G. McConway
September 1, 2023

Justice Thomas Justifies Gifts from Wealthy Donor

Have you ever seen a Supreme Court Justice who has faced as much scrutiny as Clarence Thomas?

As a black conservative, he has always faced an uphill battle.

As a black conservative Supreme Court Justice, he constantly has every news organization and Democrat in office gunning for him, but now he is trying to shut them all up.


By now, everyone is quite familiar with the friendship between Harlan Crow and Clarence Thomas.

It is that friendship and the leak regarding the Roe v. Wade decision that has brought Thomas under more scrutiny than usual.

Oddly enough, it was that very scrutiny used by Thomas to justify the freebies from Crow.

In his most recent financial disclosures, Thomas revealed flights that were taken on Crow's jet.

Why did he accept the trip? According to Thomas, his security detail warned him that traveling on commercial airlines could be very dangerous, especially after the overturning of Roe v. Wade, reported Live Mint.

As far as the gifts and travel that were given to Thomas by Crow before the changes were made as to what Justices needed to report, Thomas is also covered by the rules.

For instance, the tuition payments that Crow made were for Thomas' grand nephew who was going to school and living with Thomas.

The rules have a long list of relatives that would need to be reported… but grand nephew is not one of them.

As far as the other gifts go, Crow did not have business before the Court, but not all justices can make that claim.

I am speaking specifically of a trip that had been gifted to Justice Ginsburg in 2018 by a businessman who did have business before the Court and won his case. He picked up the tab for her lodging and air travel, and nobody ever said a word.

The timing of this is what really stinks, because the case came before the Court in 2017, and the trip was in 2018, which sure is fishy to me.

Do yourself a favor and look up Morris Kahn and Ginsburg's Tel Aviv trip… then you tell me why the media was not outraged and people were not calling for RBG to be removed from the Court.

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