May 31, 2024

Justice Roberts Outrages Dems by Refusing to Meet Over Alito Flag Controversy

It is rather amazing that we can have Democrat members of Congress openly supporting terrorists, and it barely lasts a day in the news cycle.

A conservative justice flies a flag that was commissioned by General George Washington, and it is a national crisis.

Then when the Chief Justice refuses to entertain these idiotic calls of corruption, Dems accuse him of being corrupt.

Not a Big Deal

I am sure you are all aware of the flag controversy engulfing Justice Alito right now.

Very quickly, pictures surfaced of an upside-down American Flag at his primary residence, which is a sign of distress.

His vacation home also had a Revolutionary War-era “An Appeal to Heaven” flag flying several years ago.

I am not a fan of flying an American flag upside down, as I believe it is disrespectful to our military, but that does not mean that someone doing it is an extremist or supported rioters of January 6, as Dems are claiming.

Simply put, the Appeal to Heaven flag is not a symbol of January 6, as the New York Times and Democrats portray it.

This all resulted in Alito's recusal being demanded, which he declined. Then, the Democrats sent a letter to Chief Justice Roberts on the matter and requested a meeting, which Roberts declined.

Attorney Elie Mystal then posted on X, "John Roberts, again, has already spoken about Alito's ethical failures. And Roberts is IN FAVOR of the corruption, not against it.”

Political analyst David Rothkopf added, "Roberts is every bit as bad as Alito and [Supreme Court Justice Clarence] Thomas.

"He is an utter failure as a Chief Justice."

They are both wrong and both sensationalists, as there is far too much being made about this.

Let’s not forget that we had members of Congress wearing Palestinian garb that has been worn by Hamas members, but not a word was said about that.

We had members of Congress spewing Hamas talking points on the street, but again, that seems to be okay.

A justice flies a flag, and it is the end of the world.

This is much ado about nothing, but that will not stop Democrats from making a national production of it, and by all signs, that is exactly what Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) plans on doing.

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