G. McConway
September 15, 2023

Justice Alito Pauses Order Restricting Biden Administration

Last week, an appeals court found that the Biden administration was communicating with social media companies for the purpose of censoring the American people.

This was considered a huge win by conservatives.

That order restricted numerous Biden officials and government agencies from communicating with the social media companies.

That order has now been stayed by the Supreme Court, reported Politico.

Don't Panic

On Thursday, Justice Alito stayed the order, but it is only stayed until September 22, reported the Washington Examiner.

This is so the government can respond to the ruling, of which it has until September 20 to do so.

This is a normal procedure, so the panic I am seeing online is very premature.

If you recall, we have seen stays like this by liberal justices that were celebrated, only to lose the final decision.

If you are unfamiliar, the case is Missouri v. Biden regarding the censorship that took place when Biden first took office.

The appeals court ruling restricted numerous Biden officials from directly contacting social media companies, as well as the CDC and FBI. Only one agency was given permission to communicate with these platforms.

I am fairly confident that if and when this case goes before the Supreme Court, it will fall against the Biden administration.

The evidence, at least in my opinion, is staggering against the Biden administration.

Simply put, they were silencing opposing opinions and people who were asking simple questions regarding safety.

Freedom of speech is literally the very first right that our Founders put in the Bill of Rights, yet it was violated as soon as Biden came into office.

Had a Republican done this, we all know how the news cycle would have gone, so it just sickens me the double standard that we are still facing on this front with the mainstream media.

I wish I would be alive long enough to see how history will judge this time in the country to see if, eventually, everything comes out and historians realize just how tainted and corrupt our government has become.

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