Ryan E.
December 9, 2023

Julia Roberts Talks About 'Hardest Drug' She Ever Tried

Actress Julia Roberts just came clean about the “hardest drug” she has ever used.

Roberts played a game with television host Andy Cohen called “Plead the Fifth” on Watch What Happens Live,” during which she was asked to name “the hardest drug you ever tried.”

The world-famous actress admitted to trying mushrooms.

Roberts even went so far to say in the game that the feeling of hallucinogenic mushrooms “was nice,” also saying, “not gonna lie.”

While she is still very prominent in the acting world, recently starring in Ticket to Paradise alongside George Clooney, Roberts' early days saw her starring in classic hits like Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich and Steel Magnolias.

The star has an insanely wide fan base.

Lovers of Roberts range from grandmothers to teenagers. It’s hard to wonder if the news of her habits outside of acting will rub part of that fan base the wrong way.

However, Roberts has always been known for her fun-loving spirit, so learning that this actress has dabbled in something like mushrooms is not really a surprise to most people.

Mushrooms, like many drugs, are on the long list of illegal substances in the United States.

Also known as magic mushrooms or shrooms, psilocybin mushrooms are a natural substance, similar to marijuana.

However, the effects of mushrooms are far different.

While they are said to make you happy and excited, Psilocybin mushrooms also distort your sound and vision, causing hallucinations.

There is no guarantee the things your mind will conjure up will be pleasant.

Psilocybin mushrooms are illegal in most countries, but there are a few that have legalized the consumption of Magic Mushrooms:

· Austria
· Bahamas
· Brazil
· British Virgin Islands
· Jamaica
· Nepal
· Samoa

If you wanted to join Julia Roberts on the list of people who have experienced Magic Mushrooms, but without fear of the legal ramifications, it may be time to book a plane ticket to the Bahamas!

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