Ryan E.
September 3, 2023

Judge Rejects 14th Amendment Challenge Against Trump

A Florida judge has a message for the clowns who wanted to use the Fourteenth Amendment to try to keep Trump out of the 2024 presidential race.

Hit the bricks.

Of course, I am paraphrasing.

What Judge Robin Rosenberg, who was appointed by Barack Obama, had to say exactly was, "Plaintiffs lack standing to challenge Defendant's qualifications for seeking the Presidency."

The lawsuit was brought to a Fort Lauderdale court by an individual citizen. According to Rosenberg, "an individual citizen does not have standing to challenge whether another individual is qualified to hold public office."

It's not just Florida where things like this are happening. It seems like almost every state has some nonsense going to try to obstruct Donald Trump's run to the White House in that jurisdiction.

What's bizarre is that they can't even find a common thing to unite them against Trump, so each state just makes up their own thing.

New York has the Bragg indictment.

Georgia has its own indictment.

Florida has people trying to sue Trump and remove him from the ballot in 2024.

New Hampshire is seeing people take a similar attitude toward Trump that the plaintiff in Florida did.

It got so bad, that New Hampshire's Department of Justice had to release a statement about the possibility of New Hampshire using the 14th Amendment to keep Trump off the ballot:

"Neither the Secretary of State's Office nor the Attorney General's Office has taken any position regarding the potential applicability of Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution to the upcoming presidential election cycle."

Sounds like a bunch of political baloney if you ask me.

Every state seems to have its own method of attacking Trump.

Do you think that he's going to be able to survive them all?

Let us know in the comments below.

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