G. McConway
September 13, 2023

Judge Destroys Case Against Trump

A former Tennessee judge recently commented on the Trump indictments and he was less than flattering to the prosecutors in their respective cases.

Judge Joe Brown, who is best known for his role as a daytime TV arbiter of cases, more or less called the cases against Trump a bunch of horseshi**.

For instance, the nicest thing he had to say about Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg was that he was a "clown."

Garbage Cases

I am already on the record saying that I believe the cases in Manhattan and Georgia are both very weak.

While I am no legal expert, I played one on TV (just kidding). Judge Brown seems to be along the same lines of my thinking, only he was a bit more colorful in his explanation.

He stated, "Take what this clown [Alvin] Bragg did in New York. Like Trump or not, what they did is indict him for being the victim of a blackmail attempt. They say he attempted to bribe [adult film star] Stormy Daniels to keep her silent.

"This guy [Bragg] didn't go to law school or didn't pay much attention when he was there because when you flip the script, as you're instructed [during] the first year, if you had to pay somebody to be quiet, then you got blackmailed. So [Trump] is the victim of a felony."

It was also announced this week that the Trump court cases will not be live-streamed.

Democrats were the ones pushing this idea, but I actually liked it because I believe the American people have a right to hear and see the evidence firsthand in this case, not rely on some reporter's analysis that could possibly be tilted right or left.

The way things have gone in this country recently, do we really expect anyone to trust a closed hearing, relying only upon the word of some hack writer who will interject his opinion into the case rather than reporting the cold, hard facts?

My main concern in these cases has never been the evidence.

I think Trump's greatest challenge will be to overcome biased judges and tainted jury pools.

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