Ryan E.
November 19, 2022

Media covered up Hunter Biden emails

When Hunter Biden's laptop story first broke, liberals in politics and big tech alike thought they could explain it away with just two words:

Russian disinformation.

There's just one problem with that theory. It's not true at all.

What is true, though? Literally EVERYTHING about Hunter Biden's corrupted hard drive and his even more corrupted mind.

Hunter Biden is a loser, to put it simply. He's built absolutely nothing for himself in his life, only piggybacking off the success of his father.

Hunter has never held an actual job in his entire life. His entire source of income comes from being placed on various boards of directors or no-show consulting gigs. What does he do for these "jobs?"

Absolutely nothing.

Joe Biden does all of the work for him, selling out America. You see, as long as Joe Biden keeps the inside info and fluffy contracts coming, Hunter is welcome on any advisory board in the world.

The people buying Hunter's paintings aren't art collectors, they're rich people who owe Daddy Joe a favor.

Everything that we've known about Hunter's laptop has been true since the beginning, despite the media's best attempts to make you think you're not crazy.

You're not crazy, but the Bidens and the media protecting them sure are.

The media may not be telling the truth, but Biden's whistleblowers are.

And they're ready to sing like canaries.

It's time to hold them accountable. The fake media, the liberal liars, the foreign crooks. None of them have a place in America, starting now.

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