November 3, 2023

Johnson Says Biden Impeachment Decision Will Be Coming Soon

Right after House Speaker Johnson (R-LA) took the gavel, he made it pretty clear that the impeachment of Biden was moving forward.

While he said the final decision would be based on facts, it seemed pretty clear to me where he stood on this matter.

Johnson announced this week that we will all know very soon what the House has decided.

Let’s Do This

When asked about the impeachment inquiry, Johnson assured the media that the American people would have a decision on this very soon.

He stated, “I do believe that very soon we are coming to a point of decision on it.

“We’re gonna follow the evidence where it leads and we’ll see, and I’m not gonna predetermine it this morning.”

Johnson was adamant that the House must go through the proper processes before coming to its recommendation.

He added, “I have been very consistent, intellectually consistent in this, and persistent that we have to follow due process and we have to follow the law.

“That means following our obligation to the Constitution and doing appropriate investigations in the right way at the right pace so that the evidence comes in and we follow the evidence where it leads. You follow the truth where it leads.”

I believe the evidence is starting to stack up against Biden, but I am still iffy on if the House should move forward with this impeachment.

And believe me, this is not because I want to see Biden skate or avoid justice.

My only concern here is that if Biden is not convicted in the Senate, and let’s be realistic because that will not happen with Democrats in charge, it will give his campaign a boost.

We simply cannot afford to give Biden any momentum, and being acquitted in the Senate could flip the news cycle and get Biden some sympathy votes, which I would love to avoid.

On the flip side, maybe a trial is what the American people need to realize just how corrupt Joe Biden really is.

But again, the media will control this narrative, and we all know 99% of media outlets in this country are sympathetic to Joe and will portray this as nothing more than a partisan attack by MAGA to oust Biden from the White House.

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