Ryan E.
January 14, 2024

John Kerry Leaves Biden Administration To Work On Re-election Effort

Joe Biden just lost a top man, at least in terms of name recognition, from his White House team.

John Kerry.

While Kerry is probably most well-known for losing the 2004 election to George W. Bush, he has had a bit of a resurgence in popularity recently by being a part of Joe Biden's team in the White House.

Not anymore.

Kerry has officially been relieved from his duties inside Biden's White House.

He's not going far though; his new position is a spot on Joe Biden's campaign team.

John Kerry has shown that he definitely knows how to lose a presidential election, so I doubt this is going to frighten Donald Trump (or whomever the GOP nominee ends up being) all that much.

Joe Biden is struggling, that's clear to anyone with a brain and a set of eyes.

I'm just not sure if hiring another old guy to bolster the 2024 campaign is actually going to do Biden any good.

Let's face it, Democrats and independents are turning away from the president in record numbers.

Even demographic groups such as the Black community, which used to exclusively vote liberal, don't feel an allegiance to the left anymore because of how poorly Joe Biden has been running this country.

Do you think that John Kerry could possibly make a difference in Biden's campaign?

If he's able to, then Kerry might go from a reputation as a laughingstock to one as a miracle worker.

As of right now, Joe Biden is down, and he's down bad.

He's robbing Peter to pay Paul by taking top names out of his cabinet and putting them on his campaign, but the man is so desperate that he has to do something.

The only question is, will it work?

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