G. McConway
July 10, 2023

Joe Biden: ‘We’ve Run Out of Ammunition’

Joe Biden has made a name for himself over the last two years for saying the things that he is not supposed to say.

He did it again last week while discussing sending cluster bombs to Ukraine, reports Insider.

This is a weapon that most countries have outlawed, some considering it a war crime to use them, and Biden is about to send a truckload of them to Ukraine.

Why Now?

At the beginning of this war, Russia used a similar weapon that caused national outrage.

When then-Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about it, she stated that if the reports were true, Russia should be charged with a war crime, yet here is Biden about to send some of the most undependable weapons in our arsenal to Ukraine.

Why would he do this now? Well, the answer is something that I have been saying for months and that nobody is paying attention to… our stores are running low, reports the New York Post.

Just listen to the words come from Joe’s mouth…

Here is just one reaction to the slip by Biden…

Let me ask everyone a question… Why do you think our military budget put forth by Biden was so high?

That was so it could not only continue to send munitions to Ukraine but also replace all the stores that we sent, leaving our shelves completely empty.

This has gotten to the point that some of our military leaders have expressed concern before Congress, openly admitting that our supplies are so short now, we could not even defend this country if we were involved in a two-front war.

Biden has put this nation at risk. Just how much, we really don’t know because the Pentagon record-keeping is so pathetic it has no idea what we have and where it is located.

If I were on the Senate Arms Committee, I would be calling for an immediate inventory to show just how far this has gone and how much trouble we are in because Joe Biden wants to be Ukraine’s Target for weapons.

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