Ryan E.
November 5, 2022

Joe Biden Fumbles Over Softball Question

It's a sad state of affairs in America when our federal government is being held unaccountable for their actions to the point that we need comedians and radio hosts to be the leaders of America.

Take Rickey Smiley for instance. Smiley is by no means a conservative. However, we all know that being a liberal these days does NOT mean you support Joe Biden.

Rickey Smiley certainly doesn't.

The reason? Biden constantly flaunts how much he does for the black community, but the reality is that he hasn't helped them at all.

Biden appeared on the November 1 edition of Smiley's show, which bills itself as the "nation’s number one Urban Adult Contemporary morning show."

Smiley asked Biden straight up what Biden has done for the black community.

Joe's response was nothing but sloppy liberal propaganda. When this is happening even when Joe appears on liberal programs, you know he's got an issue.

Well, I hope I’ve improved the lives of African Americans like I said I would do," Biden replied. "For example, too many African-Americans were denied everything from Pell Grants, student loans, housing, etc., because they were arrested for possession of marijuana, many too many. Whites as well. So, anybody who was ever arrested just for the possession of marijuana, their record is expunged. They don’t have to list it anymore. It’s going to free up a lot of opportunities."

"I’ve also made sure that we are going to provide for student debt relief. You have 70% of African-Americans received Pell Grants. And what I’ve done, I’ve forgiving loans of $10,000 for every eligible borrower, an additional ten if you had a Pell grant. And, and you know those historic resources support."

"I’ve also put in $6 billion for HBCUs [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] for a simple reason. You know, the students at Black universities are extremely qualified, qualified as anybody at any other university," he concluded. "But because they don’t have great endowments, they don’t have these significant laboratories that teach every, the technical things that they need to be taught. And so this allows these universities to build these facilities so that now you graduate and you have the same training as you, whether you want to went to Harvard or you went to, you know, any other state university. And in addition to that, I kept my commitment."

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