G. McConway
November 21, 2022

Joe Biden Becomes First Octogenarian in White House

Joe Biden did it.

He has defied the odds and made it much further along in this administration than most of us ever thought he would.

On Sunday, Joe Biden turned 80 years old.

From this point forward, he will set a record for being the oldest man ever to walk the hallways of the White House.

No Big Deal

Usually, when a White House occupant has a birthday, it is a pretty big deal.

That will not be the case this year because Democrats want to stop reminding everyone how old Joe Biden is.

Biden turned 80 on Sunday.

Appropriately, he sat at the kid's table eating coconut cake with the children.

Joe Biden does have good days, but they are few and far between.

Most days when he is exposed to the media for any length of time, he starts okay, then quickly fades to speaking gibberish and struggling to read the teleprompter.

Joe Biden recently invited Americans to watch him and judge him on his actions.

Well, I have been watching, and there is no way Joe is fit for office.

Here are just a few of Joe Biden's greatest hits over the last year...

Now, Biden has always been a gaffe machine, but this is gaffing on steroids.

He is forgetting the names of administration officials, struggling to read the teleprompter, and seems to regularly forget where he is.

The most embarrassing moment of all, however, had to be calling for a recently deceased congresswoman to join him on stage.

The White House tried to play off the gaffe as her being "top of mind" for Joe Biden, but nobody bought the excuse.

It's sad, really, that Joe is being used as a puppet by the party and by his own family for what I believe is solely to protect his son.

When Biden announced his candidacy, I stated that he was running to cut off the Hunter Biden investigations.

That is really the only reason I see him running again in 2024.

Source: Fox News

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