G. McConway
August 2, 2023

Jill Biden Puff Pieces Dominate as Her Role Expands in Joe’s Campaign

All of a sudden, Jill Biden is a rock star.

With Joe Biden now an octogenarian and clearly lacking the energy to run a normal campaign while holding office, it is Jill Biden who will be taking on a larger role.

If you guys remember, I predicted that Joe Biden would be sticking closer to home while Jill did the roadwork for him.

Now, the mainstream media is cooperating by trying to sell Jill Biden to voters.

Puff Pieces

The article in Women’s Health was almost comical.

The sub-heading for the article read, “Compassion, clarity, and confidence are just a few of her superpowers—and she knows how to unlock them when needed.”

AP also posted a profile on Jill, with the headline, “Jill Biden says exercise including spin classes and jogging helps her find ‘inner strength.’”

The pictures in both pieces appear to be airbrushed to make her look younger and more attractive, and they are all missing one thing… Joe Biden.

Make no mistake about it, the media is now selling America Jill Biden because she is the one that they are going to see out on the campaign trail, and when Joe does make the rare appearance, you better believe she will be by his side.

The really notable aspect of these articles is the focus on her health, especially when there are so many concerns about Joe’s health.

The pieces specifically cover her running and make note that if you are at a Soul Cycle class, you just may find Jill on the bike next to you.

I have zero respect for this woman because she is a user. She knew that Joe needed to run and win the presidency to keep their family out of trouble, so she pushed Joe into the election.

Now, at 80 years old, she pushed him into running a re-election campaign when he cannot even tell left from right or remember the names of his cabinet officials.

Joe is not the one calling the shots, and we all know it, but I would wager just about anything that Jill is one of the people behind the curtain pulling the strings and calling the shots. The media knows this as well, which is why they are pushing him so hard during this campaign… Jill Biden, the de facto president of the United States.

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