Ryan E.
September 2, 2023

Jan. 6 Rioter Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison

A leader of the far-right Proud Boys recently received his sentence in relation to Jan. 6, 2021.

Eighteen years in prison.

Another member of the Proud Boys received a sentence of ten years in prison.

The man slated to serve nearly two decades is Ethan Nordean, and he's one of the leaders of the controversial aforementioned group. Even though he received a staggering 18 years in prison, the sentence was lower than the one prosecutors sought.

I'm not saying that Ethan Nordean deserved anything less. If he actually did what he was convicted of, then he probably deserves some prison time.

The Proud Boys are not a good representation of ordinary American conservatives, and the farther we can get away from them the better.

All that being said, the double standard in America these days is absolutely out of control, and nothing will convince me otherwise.

I'm definitely never going to say that George Floyd deserved to die, and I understand why people were so upset.

But have you heard of a SINGLE person that was involved in the BLM riots receiving this much time in prison?

Do you know why?

Because those people were rioting to promote liberal concepts.

The people at the capitol were conservatives, and that was their real crime that day.

If actions like these had been carried out in the name of a liberal cause, these people would have NEVER ended up in prison.

The BLM riots were an absolutely disgusting time period in America's history.

Most of America was locked down, with citizens not allowed to leave their homes by order of the government. Yet, while we were going through multiple months of "two weeks to flatten the curve," criminals were allowed to destroy America's cities as long as they were yelling "black lives matter" while they did it.

America's two-tiered justice system has run its course. It's time to restore fairness and honestly to the country's legal system.

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