Ryan E.
November 13, 2022

Issa: DeSantis Has ‘Done a Great Job’ and ‘It’s Sour Grapes’ by Trump Not to Give Credit Where It’s Due

There is only one reason to be critizing Ron DeSantis right now:

Sour Grapes.

Florida Ron has recently led his state back from a devastating hurricane, and has done such a good job in his state that he won his reelection bid by a landslide, in a swing state no less.

He's not in one of those places that lean red automatically. Florida is pretty evenly split, so for DeSantis to dominate during his gubernatorial race like he did is not an achievement to be taken lightly.

So if Ron's doing such an amazing job that his citizens are absolutely thrilled, what's the reason for criticizing him?

"Sour grapes," according to Representative Darrell Issa from California.

Issa, a Republican, has a hard time buying that there's any valid reason for Donald Trump to be attacking Ron DeSantis right now. It's possible that Trump is tearing down DeSantis not in the name of truth, but in the name of Trump 2024.

Darrell Issa was on "Fox Business Tonight" when host Edward Lawrence asked, "As you know, there’s been a rift in Florida that’s forming. Gov. Ron DeSantis winning and turning some of those counties that President Biden won, he’s turning them red, when you have now former President Donald Trump calling that Governor names. What do you make of this rift?"

Issa had his answer ready to go, and it didn't include sparing Trump's feelings.

"Well, Ron DeSantis was a superstar on my committee. He worked for me on the Oversight Committee. He’s done a great job as Governor. And I think it’s sour grapes by the former president not to give credit where credit was due. I was an appointee of President Trump’s. I appreciate a lot of things, but he’s got to get over the idea that just because somebody else has ambition, you need to start calling them names. The fact is, Gov. DeSantis, along with Gov. Youngkin, and a host of other people, Asa Hutchinson, these are all great Republican leaders who may seek the nomination of our party. And they all deserve to be considered."

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