G. McConway
July 19, 2023

Illinois Supreme Court Ends Cash Bail

Sometimes the law has no common sense whatsoever, and that would appear to be the case in Illinois.

Last year, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a law that would end cash bail, but it was challenged in court.

Well, after working its way to the state Supreme Court, that law will now officially go into effect, reported Breitbart.

Just Makes No Sense

The crime rate in Chicago alone should be enough for people to want to have cash bail remain in effect. Yet, even though we have seen the failings in other cities with this program, Democrats, who hold all the power in the state, decided this would be a great way to woo minority voters.

So, beginning September 18, there will no longer be cash bail in the state of Illinois.

This means that it would be possible for those arrested and charged with even violent crimes could back out on the street to commit more crimes before they ever go to trial for the initial arrest.

This also comes at a time when Illinois residents are more concerned than ever about the escalating rate of violent crime throughout the state. Safewise reported, “Illinois residents have the highest level of concern nationwide regarding violent crime, gun violence, and overall daily safety. Illinois also placed within the top five most concerned states for property crime and package theft. Illinoisans are also the least likely Americans to feel safe in their state.”

By the way, unless I read this wrong, the date this goes into effect will also call for the release of suspects currently being held that were required to post cash bail to be released before their trial.

Somehow, Democrats have been more focused on helping the people that commit crimes and are on the fringe of society than the average hard-working American.

They are literally taking away the incentives to do the right thing.

How anyone could call this country the greatest country in the world is baffling to me with the changes Democrats are making in their cities and states, which is why I am so thankful to be living in the great state of Texas where things like law, respect, hard work, and morality still mean something.

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