Ryan E.
August 12, 2023

Illinois Supreme Court Upholds "Assault-Style" Weapons Ban

The Illinois Supreme Court has officially made its ruling.

Republican state Rep. Dan Caulkins and other gun owners lost big on Aug. 11.

The state's new restrictions on firearm specifications and access are going to stay in place.

Caulkins had been just one of the many Americans who think that liberals' new ban on "assault-style" weapons is unconstitutional.

I'll agree with you that not every American needs a bazooka next to their bedside table, but what's tricky about that scenario is the question of where the line should be drawn.

As soon as you let the government start deciding which guns are or are not dangerous, you're already halfway to the government suddenly declaring that ALL guns are dangerous.

That's the direction Illinois is headed though, and its Supreme Court's 4-3 decision is giving state legislators a head start.

"We hold that the exemptions neither deny equal protection nor constitute special legislation because plaintiffs have not sufficiently alleged that they are similarly situated to and treated differently from the exempt classes," Illinois Supreme Court Justice Mary Katherine Rochford wrote in the majority opinion.

Illinois' new ban on "assault-style" weapons "allowed law enforcement officers and individuals who had 'assault' style weapons on the day the law was enacted to keep them, which the plaintiffs allege violates the requirement for the law to be applied equally."

The Second Amendment is pretty clear. It is for the protection of the American people.

As soon as liberals are allowed to start tweaking it at all, we're headed on a very slippery slope toward those safeguards being revoked.

Now that lawmakers are allowed to ban guns by declaring them "assault-style," what's to stop them from expanding the definition of "assault-style" to include all firearms?

Not much, that's why Americans need to wake up sooner rather than later.

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