Ryan E.
May 13, 2023

Illegal Immigrants Being Released "On The Honor System"

Everyone in America seems to realize what the immigration crisis that we have on our hands.

Except for the liberals responsible for coming up with policies to combat it.

Representative Henry Cuellar is a Democrat, so you would think that he's bound to side with the White House more often than not. However, he's also from Texas so he understands just how damaging Washington's policies are to border states.

The liberals in the northeast don't think that immigration will negatively impact them, so why do they care if illegal immigrants flood America? They probably think it's actually a good thing as they expect the immigrants to owe them a vote. With enough luck, they'll be able to turn purple or red border states like Arizona and Texas blue when enough immigrants settle there.

Cuellar made an appearance on Fox News on May 10 to explain to America why what his fellow Democrats are doing is so damaging:

"Border Patrol right now, they’re at over 124% average over capacity, almost every border sector except for west Texas is over capacity and if the NGOs and the border communities cannot take care of those folks and they’re over capacity, they’re going to start doing street releases, and again, I’ve been told that they’ve been instructed to go to street releases if they have to. That image — it’s a powerful image — is not good, because that means more and more people are going to come in. The numbers I’ve seen, the estimates, there [are] over 150,000 people on the northern border states, the Mexican border states. If you include the ones who are in the pipelines, if you include the ones who are in Central America, you’ve got hundreds of thousands of people that are heading to our border. And if we don’t put any consequences, which means deport people, then these numbers are going to keep increasing."

"I certainly hope that the secretary is successful, and I want to be helpful to him. But what I’m seeing and what I’m hearing is that they're going to get overwhelmed," Cuellar continued.

"Border Patrol is going to get overwhelmed," he concluded. "As you know, putting people out on the streets and putting them — I think they’re saying they’re going to be paroled, but still, in many ways, they’re going out on the honor system, and the powerful image of people just coming in and not going back and being returned is just going to become a bigger magnet for more people coming in."

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