October 21, 2023

Hundreds Arrested As Jews Protest Israel's Gaza Assault

Liberal Jews have been protesting Israel's blockade of Gaza, and it's ending with their arrests.

Right here in America.

Literally hundreds of liberal Jews have been arrested in recent days outside of the White House and Congress for civil disobedience.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as long as they understand that there are going to be consequences for their actions.

They're liberals in this case, so they might have a hard time wrapping their little woke brains around that fact.

One of the consequences is the division that they are sowing within the Jewish community.

By displaying ignorance and falling for the leftist propaganda that the terrorists who brutally murdered hundreds shouldn't be held responsible for their actions, they are weakening the Jewish community as a whole.

That's because Jews with common sense could never bring themselves to agree with these radical liberal Jews, so that splits a group of people already facing an onslaught of discrimination.

By doing that, they make their group weaker, not stronger.

Unity is the only thing that will prevail in tough times like this.

That's why America had such a tough time moving forward during the pandemic of 2020, because we were applying different rules to different people and making citizens fight with each other.

Conservatives were locked in their houses while liberals were allowed to literally burn down our cities in the name of "social justice."

America has almost never been weaker than it was during that moment.

Hamas is the enemy, plain and simple. Anyone who doesn't think so is simply ignorant.

Israel was attacked, and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of its people were killed.

Hamas responded by blowing up a hospital under its own control and killing additional civilians.

The group is comprised of war criminals. The people siding with them need to reassess their positions.

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