Ryan E.
March 11, 2023

Hume: Reactions To Jan. 6 Footage Borderline "Unconstitutional"

On March 8, Brit Hume appeared on Fox News to talk about what's going on in America these days.

Obviously, one of the biggest stories in America right now is in regards to how Tucker Carlson's airing of previously unseen January 6 footage has been impacting America.

Particularly the liberal media. Hume had some strong words to describe the way liberals in Congress and the media have reacted to the truth coming out:

"Hysterical," bordering on "unconstitutional assertions of censorship."

People like Hume take their American Constitution seriously, so when liberals are in violation of it not much gets Hume more fired up.

America saw as much the moment Fox host Bret Baier asked what Hume thought of Chuck Schumer demanding Tucker Carlson be taken off the air for showing the videos.

"You know, there’s been a lot of reaction. You saw, Chuck Schumer saying that Fox should say, don’t put Tucker on the air another night. You’ve saw different commentary shows Whoopi Goldberg and others saying all kinds of things should happen," Baier asked. "What’s your reaction to all of this and the fallout from it?"

Hume wasted NO TIME.

"What strikes me about this is, what a poor job, the January 6 committee did," Brit Hume said. "They had access to all of this information, and they were very, very, very selective in what they presented."

"They had a committee that was composed entirely of people chosen by Nancy Pelosi, or approved by Nancy Pelosi. The Republicans didn’t really have a say on that committee, and no one on that committee did any serious cross examination. Nor did the member — any members of that committee insist on the videotape that we’ve been seeing from Tucker Carlson be aired as part of what the committee was doing.

Tucker was able to construct an entirely different narrative from that which was presented by the committee. All of this would have been unnecessary. If we’d had a normally composed, properly balanced committee on January 6th. The opportunity would have been there to present a video that Tucker use as well as what the members — other members of the committee wanted to use, and this all would have been over and over and done, and behind us.

They chose not to do that. Kevin McCarthy, who’s chosen members were not allowed to be on that committee is now done, what he’s done. We see there is another side of the story that was never presented by the committee."

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