Ryan E.
December 30, 2023

Huge Migrant Caravan Approaching USA--Mexico Border

The United States of America and Mexico are rushing to get together for emergency conversations.

Maybe you can guess what the main topic of conversation will be:

America's southern border.

It's a tough truth for some, but the fact is that living in America is simply better than living in the countries from which a massive influx of migrants is coming.

Whether it's Central America, South America, or Asia, living in the are from which these people are arriving is simply not as good as living in the United States of America.

That's why there are millions of people fleeing their home countries and entering America via Mexico's northern border, and not the other way around.

If there is a problem with American citizens flooding Mexico and ruining their economy and housing situation, I haven't heard about it.

These countries do not take care of their people, they have corrupt governments that mostly take care of themselves.

Why do they care if their people are crossing a border and heading for America?

That might actually be what they want, because those people are then not their problem anymore. That's because those people are being taken care of by American taxpayers, because American liberals are trying to buy votes from recent arrivals.

The vicious cycle simply isn't sustainable, and it's one that America's liberals and Mexico need to take seriously.

If they don't, and soon, it could be the very downfall of America.

We are not seeing the brightest and best immigrants cross into America illegally from Mexico.

We are seeing criminals who are either trying to get rich via smuggling operations or criminals who are being run out of their home countries, we are seeing many people with no work ethic leaching off America's government teat.

These people definitely need help, but so do Americans.

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