June 6, 2024

Huckabee prediction: Secret Service would stop Trump from going to jail

The Secret Service would file a motion to keep former President Donald Trump out of jail if he were sentenced to jail time in July, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R) predicted Wednesday on the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. 

"If they're foolish enough to push this and actually try to incarcerate the president, which, I'm not sure – how do you do that when he's under Secret Service protection? Do they go with him?" Huckabee asked.

"I think they would probably file some court motion and say, 'we cannot guarantee the ability to protect the former president as we are required by law to do if you put him in Rikers Island. You're not going to do it,'" he continued.

Trump was found guilty last week of 34 counts that he falsified business records. The counts were somehow made into felonies even though they are typically misdemeanors and the statute of limitations had run out on them.

First time

No other former U.S. president has ever been convicted of a felony, and the Democrats and liberal press are gleefully spouting off the term "convicted felon" every chance they get.

Trump and the Republicans have argued that the charges against him--all four indictments--are politically motivated as part of a witch hunt determined to take him down before he can be re-elected.

Everything from claiming that he tried to overthrow the 2020 election to accusing him of racketeering has so far backfired as supporters and regular Americans have reacted angrily to Democrats' efforts.

Trump is now at least 10 points higher in the polls than he was before the first indictment in April 2023.

His fundraising went through the roof after he was convicted by a Manhattan jury, where he only got about six percent of the vote in 2020.

One-two punch

A growing number of people now want Trump back in office to show Democrats they can't get away with their witch hunt, or because they think President Joe Biden is too much of a vegetable to be president for another four years.

The two circumstances are creating a strong one-two punch in favor of Trump.

Overcoming four indictments, multiple civil cases, and pervasive media bias including big tech censorship will not be easy for Trump no matter how much discontent there is out there.

It's nice when Democrats and Trump haters shoot themselves in the foot, though.

With less than six months until the election, the best we can hope for is that he gets a fair shake.

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