G. McConway
July 24, 2023

Clay Travis: ‘How Did We Get Here?’

Clay Travis (Outkick) just dropped a great editorial piece on the state of today’s mainstream media.

He specifically called out the Washington Post.

At one time in this country, this was a paper that took down presidents; today, it covers for them, which brought to light a very good question… “how did we get here?”

What Happened?

Just before the internet took over the news world, the Washington Post broke the story that Bill Clinton had been accused of having an affair with Monica Lewinsky while in the White House.

We are all familiar with the details, but I doubt most people realize that was one of the last big stories to dominate an actual paper headline before the internet took over just about everything.

The coverage by the Post in that story was relentless, but what has happened to the publication since?

Well, as Travis noted, in just the last few weeks, there have been blockbuster stories about Joe Biden, but the Post has just ignored them. If it was not ignoring them, it was trying to make excuses for him.

IRS whistleblowers in the Hunter Biden investigation, the FBI agents testifying that the FBI knew the laptop was for real, and the really big one, the alleged $10 million bribe that was paid to Hunter and Joe Biden by Burisma.

So, why are Post subscribers, and subscribers to most mainstream media outlet publications, not seeing these stories?

As Travis points out, we can, at least partially, blame the internet.

The model went from promoting news to promoting ads and clicks, and the algorithms used on the Internet point you to the stories it knows you will find the most interesting, so cat videos win out over Joe Biden corruption stories for at least half this country.

Travis makes the point that people buy what they like, which has turned publications like the New York Times and the Washington Post into members of the liberal horde.

He writes, “The Washington Post and the New York Times aren’t just Democrat fan sites, they’re also engaged in daily attacks on the other party. That is, the subscribers to these newspapers aren’t just paying to hear that their team is awesome, they’re also paying to have the other team attacked.”

Those two sentences, well, they describe what the problem is for today’s media… they are creating news based on what their subscribers want rather than simply finding the news and reporting it.

Slow news day… well, just dig up an old narrative on Trump and re-present it, then watch the clicks go wild. The same thing happens when Joe tanks… they literally look for a story to create an attack again a Republican or well-known conservative.

When you get about 10 minutes, go read his article, because Clay Travis hits the nail on the head (to read Clay’s full article, click here).

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