November 4, 2023

House Passes Bill That Would Slash EPA Budget By 40%

There's only so much you can do in Congress when only having the edge in the House of Representatives.

Republicans are trying it anyway.

They just approved a bill in the House that would cut the EPA's budget by nearly 40%.

That's just fine with me.

Liberals do stuff like the Environmental Protection Agency all the time.

We all love the environment, right?

Of course we do!

We hunt land, we breath air, we fish in water, we fly above the clouds, we run on the grass, we climb on the mountains, and we roll down the hills.

Anyone who does ANYTHING against the environment must be a bad person, right?

So they create the EPA, because it has the name "environment" in it, it would be wrong for us to criticize.

But they're not doing it for our protection, they're doing it with weaponization.

We saw the same type of things with Black Lives Matter.

Nobody in their right mind would say black lives don't matter.

Instead of understanding the nuances of what we meant when we should that BLM groups shouldn't riot in and burn our cities, they just hid behind the fact that we were criticizing something called "Black Lives Matter" and called us racist.

The EPA does the same thing.

The agency pretends to be protecting the environment while just doing the dirty work of liberals.

Republicans are going to stop it, or they are at least going to try.

It's hard to get things passed when you don't have complete control of Congress, but the Republicans in the House feel the need to say what is right even if it probably won't make a difference right now.

Do you think this could pass the Senate?

Let us know in the comments below.

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