July 2, 2024

House Judiciary Committee Sues for Biden Tapes with Hur

The GOP is kicking it up a notch and really going after Merrick Garland with everything it has now.

House Committees have been asking the DOJ and Merrick Garland very nicely to turn over the tape of Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Hur.

Since the DOJ is not cooperating and they cannot indict Garland, they are filing suit against him to turn over the tapes.

Give Us the Tapes

Most people do not realize the importance of these tapes right now.

We have the transcript from the interview, which Garland says is enough, but as I am sure you are all aware, the White House has made it a habit of doctoring transcripts to cover for Biden gaffes.

That is the real reason the GOP wants that tape, with a side of hearing Biden getting lost during questioning and hearing how many times his aides had to bail him out.

So, with no other solution in sight, the House Judiciary Committee filed a lawsuit Monday to acquire the audio tape of the interview.

The suit states, “This dispute is principally about a frivolous assertion of executive privilege.

“President Biden’s self-serving attempt to shield the audio recording of his interview with the Special Counsel while publicly releasing a transcript of that same interview represents an astonishing effort to expand the scope of executive privilege from a constitutional privilege safeguarding certain substantive communications to an amorphous privilege that can be molded to protect things like voice inflection, tone, and pace of speech.”

It continues, “That verbal and nonverbal context is quite important here because the Special Counsel relied on the way that President Biden presented himself during their interview — ‘as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory’— when ultimately recommending that President Biden should not be prosecuted for unlawfully retaining and disclosing classified information.”

That last sentence is part two of the reason why, which is to see if Biden did disclose classified information to his ghostwriter, an allegation that Joe Biden has denied.

But we all know Joe is a serial liar, so we cannot trust a word he says.

I have slammed both the GOP and Dems for needless and useless grandstanding, but that is not the case here.

This is an important case, and We the People need to hear those tapes just as badly as Congress, which is probably why Garland is keeping them from everyone.

If he is willing to go this far to keep them secret, you just have to believe there is some rather disturbing evidence that would hurt Biden on that tape.

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