G. McConway
September 13, 2023

House Bill Will Include Border Wall and Other Security Measures

Reports are breaking that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will put together legislation for a Homeland Security bill, reported PBS.

The reports state that the legislation will include funding for Donald Trump's favorite topic… the border wall.

McCarthy apparently plans on using budget leverage to have these measures included.

Making a Statement

So, here we go again…

We have a of tough talk coming from Republicans, but this legislation is doomed to fail on several fronts.

I don't care what leverage McCarthy has, there is very little chance the legislation will be able to get through the Senate.

To take a line from "Top Gun – Maverick," we would need two miracles.

The first being the legislation making it past the Senate, and the second miracle being Joe Biden signing the legislation, which will never happen.

I mean, consider the fact that Biden has been selling off border wall materials for pennies on the dollar, and now we are supposed to believe that he will fund this again?

McCarthy's legislation will include $2.1 billion for border wall funding, $276 million for border technology improvements, and $305 million for non-intrusive inspection.

Additionally, the legislation will fund 22,000 border agents and 98,000 air and marine flight hours.

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) stated, “We got to secure the border.

“That's my priority, and it's the priority of the people of Florida. That's the priority frankly of the people in New York. It’s a priority of all the American people except for Senate Democrats in the White House.

"I'm all for keeping the government funded and open, but we got to actually do its job, which is securing our border," reported the Washington Examiner.

I agree with what he said, but there is just no way that Biden will ever sign anything like this, even if the GOP is threatening to shut down the government.

And listen, we all know who caves on these issues first… Republicans.

This is all smoke and mirrors to drum up headlines, but it will ultimately fail because that is what the GOP does these days better than anyone.

As a conservative, it is just crushing that they continue to let Democrats run right over them on every significant issue.

We need backbone in Congress… and I question if anyone in leadership possesses one.

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