G. McConway
July 11, 2023

‘The View’ Host Goes Off-script to State the Obvious

Navy Roberts is Joe Biden's granddaughter whether he wants to admit it or not.

It is not that little girl's fault that her father was a crackhead who hung out in strip bars, but she is the one paying the price for it.

Shockingly, "The View" co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin brought up the pink elephant in the room, and the other ladies on the panel were not too happy about it.

Let It Go

The fact that Biden will not acknowledge this little girl is made bigger by the fact that Joe likes to tout this family-man image.

Recently, The New York Times' Maureen Dowd called out Biden in a column for not recognizing Navy as his granddaughter, something to which co-host Whoopi Goldberg took exception to, telling Dowd, "find something else to write about."

In her article, Dowd wrote, "Joe Biden's mantra has always been that 'the absolute most important thing is your family.' It is the heart of his political narrative. Empathy, born of family tragedies, has been his stock in trade. Callously scarring Navy's life, just as it gets started, undercuts that."

She concluded, "What the Navy story reveals is how dated and inauthentic the 80-year-old president's view of family is."

In this country, you don't get to dismiss something simply because it does not fit into your neat little narrative, which is what Goldberg is trying to do.

Griffin responded, "I do feel like if it was Trump, we would talk about it, that's the thing. If Trump had a grandkid he wasn't acknowledging," reported Fox News.

The line by Goldberg that when you talk about people's families, it is not necessary, yet she and that panel have scoured over various members of the Trump family that had nothing to do with politics.

Goldberg further defended her stance, stating, "She has no business doing – she has made this a problem. Not Hunter, not this woman. She's made it a problem," but that is also wrong.

Navy's mother, Lunden, has been suing Hunter Biden so that Navy could, as his daughter, use the Biden family name, and the entire family has rejected it from the outset.

It would be far better for Biden's image to take in this little girl, but they have disowned her under the cameras and lights, and I cannot think of anything more shameful.

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