G. McConway
September 1, 2023

High-profile Dem Strategist Admits Biden ‘Impairments’

Joe Biden just took a shot on the snout from someone I am sure he expected to back him up.

Doug Schoen, a famous Democrat strategist who regularly makes appearances on the mainstream media, is admitting that Joe is not all there.

He actually stated that he would be “ignoring reality” if he did not acknowledge the problems that Joe Biden has been having.

Stunning Admission

All day, every day, all we hear about from Democrats is how wonderful Joe Biden is.

Karine Jean-Pierre actually had the audacity to say that the media cannot even keep up with Joe.

Schoen does not see it that way.

When confronted with the fact that 77 percent of voters now believe that Joe Biden is too old to run for office, Schoen did not sugarcoat the situation.

He responded, “I’m one of those who has questions, yes. It has appeared to me, and I think to the majority of Democrats, that he is not as facile and engaged as he was at the start of his term.

“He polls best among Democrats, and I think he’s gonna try to stay in the race as long as he can, and as long as he is even with or ahead of Donald Trump there will be pressure on him to stay in the race.

“But I think I would be ignoring reality if I did not see, as I think most people do, some impairment,” reported the Daily Caller.

This goes beyond Biden’s age, however.

If Joe was sharp as a tack, nobody would be saying a word, but the man cannot even walk up the big-boy steps on Air Force One without taking a tumble.

I have lost track of the number of times that Joe Biden has forgotten someone’s name.

What about the shaking of his imaginary friend’s hand or the number of times he stares blankly at the camera?

These are major problems for someone who has nuclear codes at his disposal.

To make matters worse, administration officials always make excuses, such as National Security Council spokesman John Kirby stating, “I think he was very, very clear,” after Biden did a presser with Israeli President Herzog.

Biden stated, “We brought Israelis and Palestinians together at a political level and uh, uh, a, uh,” then he just trailed off into a mumble that nobody could understand.

I think Kirby should have been asked to recite precisely what Biden said, then showed him the tape and asked him how he came to that conclusion.

But do you know what is worse than Biden’s stumbles and gaffes? He also happens to be the best Democrats have to offer right now.

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