G. McConway
August 15, 2023

Vivek Ramaswamy Just Proved He is No Conservative

Ever since the Turning Point convention, I have been warning MAGA voters about falling in love with Vivek Ramaswamy.

Trump has seemingly embraced him as a way to siphon votes away from DeSantis, often complimenting him in public.

But I have warned this man is a plant, not a real conservative, and will hurt our cause if he gets anywhere near Washington.

Well, he just proved me right twice in the same week.

Open To It

Ramaswamy made two statements this week and had a very odd performance that just shows he is not one of us.

Over the weekend, Ramaswamy stated that he would be "open" to pardoning Hunter Biden.

He stated, "After that I am leading the great revival. After we have shut down the FBI, after we have refurbished the Department of Justice, after we have systemically pardoned anyone who was a victim of a politically motivated persecution — from Donald Trump and peaceful January 6 protests — then would I would be open to evaluating pardons for members of the Biden family in the interest of moving the nation forward," reported the New York Post.

This "move the nation forward" line is a Democrat talking point, and pardoning the Bidens if they get convicted is a non-starter.

Then, when he was asked about the legalization of hard drugs, he seemed to be for it. He stated, "You don't hear me talk about the war on drugs. I'm not a war on drugs person," reported Fox News.

He later added, "I think in the long run, and I'm talking about over a long run period of time, decriminalization, serially, is an important part of the long run solution here. … That's gotta be part of the solution."

Again, this is a Democrat talking point, not a conservative one.

The cherry on this sundae was Ramaswamy performing Eminem's "Lose Yourself" at the Iowa State Fair.

Need I refresh everyone's memory on the things that Eminem has said about Trump and MAGA, claiming MAGA are all brainwashed by Trump, reported XXL Magazine.

Ramaswamy is a clown, a fraud, and more than likely a liberal plant in the race.

If you are embracing this man, take a harder look at his politics because you have been had. We need to distance ourselves from this fool, not embrace him.

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