Ryan E.
August 26, 2023

Harris Faulkner Explodes At Liberal Bozo

Harris Faulkner recently had a bit of a moment, and the victim was her own Fox News coworker:

Liberal contributor Marie Harf.

Harf was supposed to be on Faulkner's show to discuss the devastating inflation that is ruining America's economy in 2023, but she simply refused to do it.

Instead, she actually tried to spin Bidenomics as a positive for this country.

Faulkner's viewers aren't stupid, and this was simply insulting.

We know what's happening in this country because we LIVE IN IT.

Hearing some liberal telling us that we can't trust what we're seeing with our own eyes and hearing with our own ears because Joe Biden says so was simply too much for Faulkner to handle.

Faulkner was commenting on a ridiculous "ad-blitz from the Biden campaign that features a Milwaukee mother who claims Bidenomics is helping her family."

"Did they get actors to do this, Marie, cause I don’t know a lot of people who say that 3%, which is the prices rising still on top of the already really high prices that we had when it was cooking at 9% inflation last year, I’m not hearing that Biden economics is the reason why they even think they can go forward in any better fashion," Faulkner said.

Harf didn't answer the question. "Well look, there are a lot of communities around this country who have directly benefited from Joe Biden’s economic policies, whether it’s manufacturing returning, whether it’s projects that have come about through his legislative wins, but $25 million is a big ad-buy for this early in the cycle, they are playing this right in the White House,” Harf said.

“Joe Biden should continue being president, we did this in 2012. Barack Obama kept being president, we let the Republican primary play out, and they’re betting on the fact that the eventual nominee will be so hurt by the primary, will have to take positions so far to the right that are deeply unpopular with the general electorate that they won’t be able to win next November. So, look, let them roll around in the mud together and contrast -- " she added.

"Wow," Faulkner cut in. "Rolling around in the mud, really?

"That's what primaries are," Harf responded.

"Or hey could just be having a great conversation and I know that the name calling and all of that is what you’re really thirsty for on the left because then you can start to marginalize people," Faulkner clapped back. "But the fact of the matter is you didn’t tell me how food prices are gonna come down. That’s what people care about."

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