G. McConway
February 1, 2024

Haley Admits She Left ‘Stupid’ About Civil War Comments

Nikki Haley, while the last candidate standing against Donald Trump, has had a few gaffes along the way.

The most notable of these was her statement about the Civil War.

That is now a comment that Haley openly admits she felt “stupid” about after having made it.

Just Stupid

During a New Hampshire town hall, Haley was asked about the root cause of the Civil War.

She responded, “The cause of the Civil War was basically how the government was going to run.”

This week, she appeared with Charlamagne the God during his “Breakfast Club” radio show, where he asked Haley, “Why initially didn’t you just say, ‘Hey, it was about slavery?”

Haley responded that she thought the man “was trying to ask something else,” further noting that she did not believe the man was a fan of hers, more or less implying that the question was a gotcha question.

She added, “Slavery should have been the first thing that came out of my mouth. I mean, growing up in South Carolina, we all knew that the Civil War was about slavery. That almost seemed too easy; I thought he was asking a harder question, and that’s why I didn’t say it.

“It was wrong. I should have said it.”

Charlamagne the God pushed her, asking, “Did you feel stupid that night.”

Haley responded, “Yeah, I mean, it was one of those things like, because it was so – like slavery’s a given – so I was mad that it was a given, but I was too busy judging his intentions than I was just answering the question.”

That is a bit of a different tune than Haley sang at the time, at one point insisting the man was a Democrat plant to try to take her down.

This is one of the things that I have come to dislike about Haley, who used to be at the top of my list for the future of the GOP in terms of possible female presidential candidates.

Call me old school, but I prefer people be honest, own their mistakes immediately, and above all else, tell us the truth if they want our vote.

Haley, like far too many politicians, seems to weigh her stance on the moment rather than holding firm to any one position. She will sometimes double down, but when resistance is tough, as it was in this case, she will fold to the pressure.

That is exactly the reason she has fallen deep down my list and is now someone that I simply cannot support.

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