G. McConway
September 15, 2022

Graham Introduces 15-week Abortion Ban

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) made a colossal mistake this week.

Joe Biden had just taken several gut shots and was about to go down for the count.

Graham apparently needed some attention, so he jumped in and saved him.

All to introduce legislation that has no chance whatsoever of passing with Democrats controlling Congress.


Graham introduced new abortion legislation that would ban abortions after 15 weeks, save some notable exceptions.

In all honesty, the legislation is something that I think most Americans would support, but it is not most Americans that would have to pass it.

We need Democrats to get on board with the bill to make it a law, and Democrats want unrestricted abortions, right up through the moment of birth, so this has no chance.

In announcing the legislation, Graham stated, "I see this as a responsible alternative to the very radical position by Democratic senators.

"I can assure that a vast majority of Americans do not support abortion on demand up to delivery."

Senator McConnell (R-KY) has already pushed back, saying he believes it should remain with the states.

Others are not being so nice.

If you happened to watch Graham with Jesse Watters this week, Watters asked the same question I am asking… why do it now?

Why introduce this legislation that has no chance of passing when Biden is on the ropes?

Graham literally saved Joe Biden.

Inflation reports had just come out, and Joe Biden was partying on the White House lawn like it was 1999.

He was getting destroyed, then Graham came along, and now everyone is back to talking about abortion and how extreme Republicans are.

Graham is no dummy, so he knew all the attention would be put on him instead of Biden, so we can only surmise that is what he wanted.

He is either a narcissist idiot or he was helping Joe Biden out… either way, once again, he has proven that he must go.

Source: Fox News

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