November 6, 2023

GOP Senator Says Biden’s Blind Eye on Immigration National Security Issue

Most of you reading this know that illegal immigration is a major focus of mine, and one of my top complaints is the national security aspect of this.

I have been ringing the bell regarding possible terrorist gotaways almost since the first day Biden took office.

While we have seen Republicans in office talk about the numbers, few have really rang the bell on this, but it just started.

Raising Awareness

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) was the one who finally rang this bell.

Johnson stated, “One-point-seven million ‘gotaways.’ We don’t know who these people are.

“We just know that we detect them coming across the border and now they’re in our country.

“You think there might the a terrorist or two in that 1.7 million people? This is a massive national security threat that President Biden is completely turning a blind eye toward.

“This administration has its head completely buried in the sand. They won’t even admit it’s a problem, John. They call it a challenge.”

Not to beat a dead horse, but in addition to Biden, Secretary Mayorkas also needs to be held accountable for this.

Go back to the Trump administration, we were averaging about 17,000 illegals a month coming across the border… and we were still upset.

Now, there are about 250,000 coming across the border illegally every month, and this does not even count the gotaways.

In terms of national security, the gotaways are what we really need to be worried about because this is likely where the really bad threats are getting into the country.

Johnson also talked about the issues at the FBI, stating, “This is corruption at some of the highest levels of the FBI. We know how corrupt the investigation has been of Hunter Biden — the Department of Justice frustrating investigators’ ability, the IRS, the whistleblowers who’ve talked about this.

“As troubling as the corruption of the Biden crime family is, what may be even more troubling is the corruption within federal law enforcement, the FBI, Department of Justice, [the] intelligence community.”

If we win back the White House, in addition to getting the border back under control, one of the first things the new president will need to do is fire Christopher Wray and have an independent investigation into all these rogue agents and supervisors in that agency.

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