G. McConway
August 11, 2023

GOP: January 6 Committee Ignored and Manipulated Evidence

What did I tell you guys when then-Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) announced the January 6 Select Committee?

I told you the conclusion of the report was already in, and that the committee's assignment would be to get to that endpoint regardless of what the evidence brought them.

Well, Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), who is now getting his 15 minutes as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight for the Committee on House Administration, is proving me to be Nostradamus.

The Agenda

When you have a committee that finds nothing at all wrong with the security that was overseen by Pelosi, well, you know they are cherry-picking facts.

The one thing that Tucker Carlson's big reveal of the footage showed us was that this was nothing but a TV show, very carefully edited and scripted.

Democrats on the committee knew they were being shady, so they did not even bother to organize and index the evidence.

Instead, the evidence piles look like your teenager's bedroom, just a big hot mess of raw data that must be gone over again. And surprise, Republicans believe key information is now missing that could implicate the likes of, among others, Nancy Pelosi, reported Fox News.

Loudermilk stated, "Basically, all they did after spending $18.5 million was come out with a manifesto against [former President Donald Trump], trying to tie Donald Trump to the attack on the Capitol.

"That was their narrative. Everything that they did appears to be to just come up with that narrative," reported the Daily Wire.

If Loudermilk sounds aggravated, he has every right to be because this goes far deeper than his duties as the chairman of this committee.

Loudermilk was almost railroaded by Dems with completely false allegations about leading a tour of the Capitol of a man who was allegedly doing surveillance for the riot.

The fact is that the tour that Loudermilk was leading never entered the Capitol.

In terms of security, which fell under Pelosi's purview, Loudermilk stated, "That's a set of documents that we don't have. Now our question is: did these documents ever exist?"

He continued on that "it's more than likely" that the blue team did investigate, but found something that "somebody didn't want them to," so "they suppressed the records."

Loudermilk concluded, "We need to get to the truth of what really happened and look into the conduct of the January 6 committee."

You know what the sad reality is in all of this? No matter what he finds, the only outlet that will report it will be Fox News.

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