G. McConway
September 2, 2022

GOP Getting Upset Trump Not Spending Cash Haul on Candidates

Where is Donald Trump spending his money?

Trump's Save America PAC is raking in big bucks, but Trump is spending very little money on candidates, including the candidates he is backing.

The GOP is now asking questions, especially because Trump is getting the lion's share of the cash.

Where Is It Going?

It was not so long ago that Trump's PACs collectively had about $250 million on hand.

At last report, Save America alone had about $100 million in the bank.

Money is going out, but it is not going out to candidates.

What is making matters worse is that Trump is raising money on the premise of fighting the left and its candidates.

Doug Heye, a longtime Republican strategist, stated, "Republicans are mad that he's not spending it.

"There's a palpable anger at the hoarding of the money."

Tim Miller, a longtime Republican strategist and veteran of the Republican National Committee added, "It's no longer a question of whether Trump will cost Republicans seats in November, but how many he will lose the party thanks to his hoarding and meddling."

Trump has called out McConnell, openly telling him to spend money to support Republicans, but McConnell's PAC is shelling out almost $169 million in ad buys.

Trump recently lost the financial support of the RNC for his legal bills, so there are a lot of people asking questions if that is where the money is going.

The only candidates that I have seen get sizable donations from Trump were with David Purdue to defeat Kemp, which was unsuccessful, Mehmet Oz in PA, and Harriet Hageman in Wyoming.

Other than that, the biggest expenditures of the PAC are staff salaries, rallies, and, yes, legal bills.

Trump's team has basically stated that cash injections into campaigns are not going to happen from Trump.

Save America spokesman Taylor Budowich stated, "President Trump has been completely invested in seeing his endorsed candidates win, which has already fueled his 98% win record so far this cycle.

"Through the power of his endorsement and his massive MAGA rallies, President Trump is able to infuse campaigns with media attention, volunteers, and donors in a way that has never before been seen in American politics."

Rallies are great, but the candidates need ads to reach the people that do not go to these rallies.

The full records on these PACs will eventually be released and Trump will have a problem on his hands if donors find out they were funding his legal bills rather than the candidates he has been promoting in his emails.

I say this knowing a lot of readers will slam me for even questioning this, but my job is to tell you guys the truth.

The truth is that Trump needs to start writing checks, BIG checks, to get these candidates over the finish line.

Herschel Walker, JD Vance, and Blake Masters are all his guys and they are all in tight races.

They also happen to hold the keys to the Senate majority.

If we lose the majority and those candidates lose, then we find out Trump did not spend any or hardly any money on their campaigns, well, he is going to have a problem on his hands.

You want to see that fundraising funnel dry up… that will do it.

Write the checks, Mr. Trump, write BIG checks.

Source: Fox News

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