November 9, 2023

GOP Calls Out Hunter Biden Special Counsel for Dodging Questions

This week, we had the unprecedented testimony of a special counsel being called before Congress during an active investigation.

GOP members of Congress wanted answers as to why Hunter seems to have gotten special treatment during his case.

While Special Counsel David Weiss showed up, he hardly supplied Republicans with the answers they had hoped to receive.

Not Telling the Truth

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) obliterated Weiss for dodging questions when he was before the committee.

He stated, “The whistleblowers are not lying. They're telling the truth. And what we saw from David Weiss was obfuscation, dodging, ducking and weaving. He only would agree to talk about his authority, and even that, he was trying to kind of feather that out a little bit so he wouldn't tell you exactly.

“He just kept saying he felt he had the authority, but we never really got to ask him, who gave you the authority and when and how? It just never really materialized. But what he did is on every question of substance, he said, 'well, it's an ongoing investigation.'

“That was some kind of prerogative that we can't talk about. The reality is he did not want to answer these questions, but actually in so doing, kind of confirms what we suspect and that is his relationship with the Biden family. Don't forget, he got special attention from the Delaware senators to get re-appointed.

“He was the only one of the Trump appointees that was not dismissed by Biden. Why was that? So there's a conflict of interest there, in my opinion. But also, he doesn't want to tell us the truth, doesn't want to get to the bottom of it. He kept saying he's going to put it in his report. When's that report going to be out?

I can answer the question about why he was not dismissed by Biden. That would be because Trump appointed Weiss on the recommendation of the Senators from Delaware, as is the general courtesy.

Both of them are Democrats, and that is exactly why Biden kept him in place because he more or less knew that he would have one of his own investigating the alleged criminal conduct of his son.

This was one of those no-win situations for Trump.

If he foregoes tradition, Democrats call him out for disrespecting the traditions of the office. By honoring that tradition, Democrats are using the fact that Trump appointed Weiss against him and conservatives are upset that Trump put a liberal whipping boy at the post.

There was clearly no forward thinking regarding this appointment because if there were, they would have put someone in there who would have aggressively pursued Hunter Biden and if Joe Biden had that person dismissed, the finger-pointing would now be in the other direction.

In terms of that report, well, we all know when it will come out… after the election when it cannot be used against Joe Biden.

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