G. McConway
December 1, 2022

Study: California Goes Deeper Blue

You know those inroads we thought we were making into California after we stole a few seats during this election?

Well, they were apparently a mirage.

An analysis from CLA, a project of CPA and the American Conservation Union Foundation, showed California actually going from 44 to 47 in terms of a conservative presence in a state.

Understanding the Study

The study was a ranking of state lawmakers voting records.

It ranked California at 24 percent, ahead of only Rhode Island (20), Hawaii (19), and Massachusetts (15).

CPAC stated that the voting records were studied across cultural and life issues, to tax, fiscal, and other regulations.

Of the 26 GOP state lawmakers in California, only 17 of them had a voting record on the conservative side of issues 80 percent or more, so those “California conservatives” are not actually all that conservative to start with.

The bad news for conservatives in the state is that this situation will only worsen as Democrats flipped several GOP seats in state elections.

Now, as I noted above, we did see some congressional seats go red that we had never dreamed about capturing, but those lawmakers are going to be out on an island and probably lucky to maintain their seats in the 2024 election.

The only way I see that changing is if there are some new pockets of conservatives in the state that would enable them to hold it.

Honestly, this study is not quite as shocking as it sounds, as we have seen a massive migration of people from California to states like Florida and Texas.

Most of us have assumed that it was mostly liberals leaving, but that may not be the case. Now, this is not to say that liberals have not left California and headed to Texas, as I can personally attest that has happened.

But I have also seen quite a few of them turn around and go back after only a year out of frustration for how conservative the state really is. They can have California, but they will never take Texas!

Source: Fox News

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