G. McConway
March 8, 2023

Full Video of Senator Hawley Released from January 6

We all knew the January 6 hearings had some Hollywood flare to them.

The Democrats actually hired a TV producer to come in to edit the footage for their hearings. That, of course, meant the hearings were going to be portrayed in a very specific way, the most dangerous way.

The unedited footage is still bad, and would have more than done the job, but the sensationalism the Democrats used by choosing very specific snippets now casts doubt about everything, reports the Daily Caller.

Among the snippets was the Dems portraying Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) as a coward, running out of the Capitol. He did leave the Capitol, only it was not as the Dems portrayed it.


So, this was the video that was released by the committee and the reaction by those attending the hearings…

This was the full coverage that Tucker Carlson released after he got his hands on the entire video, showing that Hawley was among the last to leave, long after dozens of others had left before him…

The sensationalism by Democrats was quickly called out on social media…

The really amusing aspect of all of this is that Tucker Carlson’s entire report deals about how the context of everything was twisted, yet the mainstream media is even twisting that. For instance, Yahoo’s headline on the report was “Tucker’s Jan. 6 Bombshell? Josh Hawley Wasn’t the Only One Running.”

We have to wonder why Democrats were so intent on limiting what we saw in clips like this rather than how the full context of what was happening in that moment.

The answer, of course, is simple… these were not hearings to get to the truth but instead propaganda to embarrass the Republican Party.

Hawley was following the directions of Secret Service and Capitol Police, literally, to “run” out of the building and get to safety.

As I stated at the top of this report, the complete footage would have more than made the point, but Democrats chose to have this edited like a made-for-TV drama rather than actual evidence for the American people.

Tucker Carlson is probably downplaying it a bit too much, but it is pretty clear that Democrats twisted even this to make it far worse than it really was.

The day was an embarrassment, but it surely was not the worst uprising this country has seen since the Civil War, nor was it the most horrific event that took place since 9/11, as they would like us to believe.

Funny, they use all those characterizations for this riot, yet they call they won’t even take a peek into why the George Floyd riots were started around the country, but that is likely because everything will lead to their buddy George Soros.

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