G. McConway
November 30, 2022

Fox News Looks at Biden’s Decision to Ease Sanctions on Venezuela for Oil

This week, the Biden administration made a very shady move.

After blocking a loan for neighboring Guyana for oil development, the administration decided to ease up on sanctions for Venezuela so it could produce more oil.

This is all so Venezuela can send oil to the United States to help Biden keep gasoline prices down.

Dirty Oil

It was only a few weeks ago when Biden took a few extra questions on the White House lawn from an activist.

Biden stated that there would be no more drilling.

When a spokesperson was asked about it, he literally laughed it off and claimed Biden approved 9,000 leases for drilling that nobody is using…

As far as those leases are concerned, the oil industry has debunked that myth, stating that many of those leases are unusable or would just cost too much to develop.

Kirby also claimed that Biden issued those permits and to my knowledge, that is not the case.

The majority, if not all of those permits, were made available before Biden came into office.

You see, the industry wants to squeeze out every drop of profit it can now because it has no idea how much longer it will able to operate in this country.

As far as the Venezuelan oil goes, well, that is just a mess, literally.

Most experts agree the oil is dirty, far lower quality than what Guyana has and certainly a lower quality of oil that we can produce here in the United States.

Charles Payne recently discussed this on Fox News…

The obvious question is why would Biden pay for dirty oil when he could get clean oil far cheaper by taking his boot off the throat of oil companies domestically?

That is a simple one… he wants to keep US emissions down so when all the bigshots fly their private jets into the next climate summit, he can claim that he has lowered United States’ greenhouse gas emissions.

This is nothing more than a shell game. If greenhouse gases are produced, why would it matter where they are produced?

This, of course, does not even account for the fact that because we are importing the oil, it will cost us more, but Joe is not worried about our pockets, clearly.

He just wants to be able to stand at that podium and slap himself on the back.

Source: Breitbart

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