January 4, 2024

Fox News Announces DeSantis and Haley Town Halls Before Trump Event

Donald Trump probably thought he pulled off a coup.

Fox News agreed to give Trump a Town Hall on the same night as the scheduled debate between Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis that will be aired on CNN.

He just found out, however, that both Haley and DeSantis will have their own Town Hall events on January 8 and 9, respectively.

Trump Won’t Like This

Donald Trump and Fox News are not exactly buddies anymore, as Trump dumps on the network almost as much as he does CNN these days.

Even so, Fox News decided to cut into CNN’s debate audience by scheduling a Town Hall with Trump at the same time as the CNN debate, which will be hosted by Brett Baier and Martha MacCallum.

When the Town Hall was announced, DeSantis and Haley supporters were livid, calling out Fox for giving Trump a platform while he continued to refuse to debate other Republican candidates.

Trump’s previous Town Halls have not really been what most of us would consider a true Town Hall, as the questions have been friendly, what questions there have been, and there have been no challenges on Trump’s record, specifically on the wall, the vaccine, and his lawsuits.

When Baier was asked on X if this would be different, he responded, “The former President will not have the questions in advance or any knowledge of the questions from me, Martha or from citizens in the crowd - who will be a mix of Iowa voters.

“And I can confirm that I approached the Trump campaign about doing a town hall in Iowa. They had turned down the debate (and all debates) and wanted to do it then.”

Fox News was still taking heat for scheduling the Town Hall at the same time as the debate, but I would guarantee that was a make-or-break issue for Trump, who wants to limit the news cycle for DeSantis and Haley.

My guess here is that Trump will still be peeved that both DeSantis and Haley are going to have an audience when Trump does not have anything scheduled.

Even though their Town Halls are only a few days away, don’t be surprised if Trump schedules a pop-up event to try to steal their thunder.

I am just glad that it will be Baier hosting the Town Hall, as I expect him to put some real questions before Trump for the first time in this entire campaign. Since Trump is refusing to debate all candidates based on his polling, Baier now has a huge responsibility that will allow voters to make an educated choice.

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