March 22, 2024

Former U.S. Ambassador: Joe Biden’s Immigration Policy Crippled Haiti

Dan Foote, who served as Biden’s special envoy for Haiti in 2021, just put the onus of what is happening in Haiti right now squarely in Joe Biden's lap.

According to Foote, it is Biden’s policies that have helped create this mess.

He specifically cited the border issues as playing a major role in the turmoil Haiti is experiencing right now.

Joe’s Fault

If you recall, in 2021, a rather significant group of Haitian migrants appeared at our southern border.

It might jog your memory to recall the infamous #WhipGate scandal, where Biden accused border agents of having whipped migrants to prevent them from getting across the border.

The scandal was eventually debunked, as it was proven that the agents were using their reins and that it was just an off-angle photograph that gave a different appearance.

And for the record, the photographer who took the shot that caused all the outrage immediately came out to confirm he never saw agents doing anything inappropriate.

But, that particular surge at the border is what Foote pointed to as the spark that started the problems we are now seeing in Haiti.

Foote stated, “He wanted to get past the [2022] midterms …. [but] it unraveled now in the run-up to the [2024] elections at the worst time.”

At the time, the Biden administration was pressing for new elections to replace Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who was only in that role for a few days before the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.

Biden stopped pressuring for the new election because he needed Henry to accept deported Haitians from that surge.

Foote stated that he was not informed of Biden’s plan to deport the Haitians.

Since the elections were canceled, uprisings started, which eventually led to gangs taking over, having overwhelming state security forces.

Foote added, “For the future of Haiti, it [the Biden migration] is probably not the greatest thing in the world.”

Louis Marcelin, a Haitian-born social scientist also took a shot at Biden in 2022, stating, “How can a country rebuild itself if 80 percent of its educated young workforce are among those leaving the country?”

“A country cannot rebuild itself if it doesn’t have the human power, educated, skilled youth to help implement the kind of policy recommendations that will emerge.”

It is estimated that roughly 80% of the most educated Haitians are leaving the country for the United States, basically taking the brightest the country has to offer and removing them, leaving the country with little hope for a future.

So, you see, Biden’s plan is actually creating global destabilization, not helping “needy” migrants as the administration contends.

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