Ann Turner
January 23, 2024

Former Trump lawyer says conviction for Trump 'absolutely' on the table

In a candid discussion on MSNBC's "Politics Nation," Joe Tacopina, a former attorney for Donald Trump, acknowledged the potential for Trump's conviction in several criminal indictments.

Joe Tacopina, who recently departed from Donald Trump's legal team, expressed that it is "absolutely" possible for Trump to face conviction in multiple criminal indictments.

Joe Tacopina, once a key figure in Trump's legal defenses, withdrew from the team last week. His departure marks a significant change in the former president's legal representation. Tacopina's tenure as Trump's attorney was marked by numerous high-profile cases and controversies.

Trump's Indictments and Legal Battles Explained

Donald Trump, who has been a dominant figure in American politics, faced four indictments last year. These charges stem from a variety of alleged actions, ranging from election interference to mishandling classified records.

One of the indictments involves alleged election interference in Georgia. This case focuses on Trump's actions during the 2020 presidential election, raising questions about the integrity of the electoral process. Additionally, Trump was indicted for allegedly falsifying business records in New York City, adding to the complexity of his legal challenges.

Furthermore, Trump faces multiple felony counts for allegedly retaining classified records at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. These charges are particularly serious, given the sensitive nature of the documents involved.

Trump was also charged with four federal counts related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot in Washington, D.C. This event, which shocked the nation, has led to widespread scrutiny of Trump's conduct and his role in the incident.

The Perspective of Joe Tacopina

Tacopina, in his appearance on MSNBC, highlighted the role of a jury in deciding Trump's fate. He emphasized that a group of twelve jurors would ultimately determine the outcome of these cases. This perspective sheds light on the judicial process and the unpredictability of trial outcomes.

"Is it possible? Absolutely," Tacopina responded when asked about the likelihood of Trump's conviction. His response suggests a level of uncertainty in the legal proceedings, despite any perceived biases or political influences.

Tacopina also expressed his belief in a "political bent" to some of the indictments against Trump. He noted, "Do I think there’s a political bent to some of this, the way it’s gone about? Yes, I do." This acknowledgment hints at the complexity and contentious nature of the legal battles Trump is facing, suggesting that political considerations may be at play.

Grand Jury's Role in Trump's Indictments

Despite his reservations about the political nature of some charges, Tacopina recognized the validity of the grand jury's decision. He stated, "Do I think these cases are invalid cases? Look, a grand jury voted to indict. You can’t say there’s no way he’ll get convicted or no way he’ll be sentenced. You just can’t say that." This statement underscores the gravity and legitimacy of the grand jury's role in the legal process.

Trump's legal challenges extend beyond criminal indictments. Last week, he was involved in a defamation suit in Manhattan civil court. This suit was brought by writer E. Jean Carroll, who alleges Trump raped her.

Trump has vehemently denied Carroll's rape allegation, leading to the defamation suit. The case adds another layer to the former president's ongoing legal difficulties, reflecting the diverse nature of the challenges he faces.

Trump's Political Standing Amidst Legal Woes

Despite these daunting legal battles, Donald Trump continues to maintain a significant presence in the Republican Party. He leads in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination, indicating enduring support among party members. This support comes even as he grapples with the ramifications of the indictments and the Carroll defamation suit.

The juxtaposition of Trump's legal entanglements with his political aspirations presents a unique scenario in American politics. It raises questions about the impact of legal issues on political careers and the perception of leadership in the public eye.

Tacopina's recent statements and departure from Trump's legal team signify a notable shift in the landscape of Trump's defense. They reflect the complexities and uncertainties inherent in high-profile legal cases, especially those involving figures like Donald Trump.

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